May 03, 2009

Thins I learned inpatient at Swedish Hospital

Again in no especial order:

Being weighed (i.e. being asked to get out of bed to stand on a scale) at 4 AM

Add 1 degree temperature when taking it under the arm to get the equivalent of taking it by mouth

Some nurses and nurse's aides are remarkable listeners and truly pay attention the what the patient says


  1. Hi Jill,
    Can Deborah and I visit Monday late morning or early afternoon? Let us know when you can.
    Deborah and Robert

  2. Anna Zephyr3:52 PM

    Hi Jill,
    Adam and I would love to come visit you soon. How's Wednesday at 4? Our timing is VERY flexible, so if another time or day is better, that's pretty easy for us to arrange.
    Visualizing those white blood cells multiplying,