May 04, 2009

Mixed night, better morning

Yesterday afternoon was lovely, visiting with friends. I actually got outside for 20 minutes, wearing a mask, covered with blankets and loving every breath of fresher air.

Had a rough night: at 12:50 used the toilet and something triggered vomit while I was still sitting. Cranberry juice everywhere, I think I won't have any more.

Then after they helped me change and cleaned up, slept for an hour and woke to the feel of wet sheets. Yup, peed in the bed. I must have been so soundly asleep that I didn't feel the urge to get up. So more clean pjs, fresh sheets. etc. I cant praise the Swedish staff highly enough!

I finally finished the night comfortably and am taking a break from my yummy breakfast of plain and vanilla yogurts mixed with chocolate pudding, and apple/orange juice with gingerale. Yum.

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