May 08, 2009

Hopefully going home this morning

If my overnight labs are satisfactory, I have been provisionally approved foo discharge later this morning. YAY!

Meanwhile I have ordered a better breakfast: banana to mash up onto an English muffin; applesauce, soy mocha, and orange juice.

Last night's dinner was amazingly delicious to me. My first protein other than yogurt, I had a french dip sandwich (roast beef on white bread) (L, are you listening?) with au jus on the side. It was so good I ate a whoe half (if you can picture such a thing).

The best thing about food at home will be that I can manage my own portion control without waste. If I only want a little, I can only have a little and not feel that I am sending back perfectly good uneaten food.

So I am hopeful that I wil be discharged around 9 AM and be ensconced on my sofa with the dogs by 10 AM.

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