May 28, 2009

Catching up with a friend

About once a month or so Josh and I get together to commiserate over cancer. Our last get-together was on a beautifully sunny April day, a week before I was admitted to the hospital. How quickly one's situation can change. We walked his two pugs to a nearby park (well, one had to be carried part of the time) and just let our hair down about living with cancer. J has metastatic epithelioid sarcoma and blogs about it here.

Today we had a chance to catch up on our various medical tsuris form the past month or so. My hospital stay, his pneumonia, new drugs and their side effects -- the basic stuff of cancer catchups.

It always feel right to talk with someone else who has bad cancer. Sometimes when those of us who have mets participate in support groups with other people who have either finished their cancer treatment, or who are treating early stage cancer, we with mets can feel like their worst nightmares come true. So it feels easy and right to talk with someone who is walking the same walk, even with a different kind of cancer.

We sat in the sunny yard in the shade of our deck table and umbrella, ate cherries, drank seltzer and caught up on everything. It was the right way to spend an afternoon together.


  1. Sounds good. Its great that you have somebody to understand you x

  2. That's a great dance with Cancer. An interesting post.