May 02, 2009

Not going home any time soon

The most imporant thing for you, my family, friends and readers to understand is that although I am VERY sick, I am NOT at death's door. I'm in the chemo nadir (the lowest point of chemo cycles), when your blood counts take a rapid dive. Chemo is like a wide spray; it kills all rapidly dividing cells, which is why people lose their hair and nails, get nausea, skin problems, mouth sores and more. My chemo, 5-FU, gave me nausea, bowel issues and some troubles with the skin of my hands.

So as long as I have neutropenia (low blood counts), diarrhea, and nausea, I am staying in hospital. That could be as much as another week, maybe even longer. So this laptop is really a godsend, thank you CB, D and G for making it happen.

In the meantime, my closest friends (and you know who you are), may come visit IF you are not sneezing or coughing. Swedish is taking the swine flu pandemic very serously, and I am at particular risk to catch ANY infections. No babies or small children either unless there is another adult to stay with them in the visitors' lounge.

Visitors are welcome to stay for an hour. I am particularly fond of visitors on weekdays from 11ish to 2ish and again from 4ish to the end of visiting hours at 9 PM. Please contact me through the blog comment form if you want to set up a day and time. You will also need to call me before you show up.

I am a big believer in prayer and know that your blessings help me. My Hebrew name, for use in this siutation, is Yachna Maryam bat Kohen bat Masha Leah.

Do keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I struggle to come back up to normal.

Here is something you can do at home or anywhere. One of my docs wants me to vsiualize my body building more white blood cells. This is something you can do too. I need LOTS of them!


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    i haVe beeN followinG youR postS sinCe SepT.
    GLaD youR stiLL KeepinG uP tHe FighT..
    GO WhiTe BLooD CeLLs!!!
    G_D iS GooD

  2. Jill asked me to calculate how many white blood cells we needed to visualize for her.
    487,500,000 White Blood Cells
    That's about 10,000 white blood cells/microliter (high average)
    48750 microliters blood volume
    (Guessing Jill weighs about... oh, "average adult female")
    Visualize Jill with a healthy number of hungry white blood cells!