May 07, 2009

Hematocrit low; visualize red blood cells

Turns out my red blood cell count has been dropping, which is why I have shortness of breath. I am getting a transfusion later today, and may go home tonight or tomorrow.

So visualize more red blood cells, please! I'd like to spring this joint in a healthy way.


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hi, Jill,

    This is one time when I'm going to wish to see red! :-)

    I hope you'll soon be home.

    Looking forward to seeing you,

    P.S. I hope I can post a comment now. I wasn't able to earlier this week.

  2. I'm visualizing so much red that the neighbor's bull is getting pretty wound up. Yikes. Gotta run...

  3. David7:22 PM

    red, white, red, white - here's looking at you, ava!


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