May 03, 2009

Things to love about being inpatient in Swedish Hospital

In no particular order:

Straws (so you don't spill your drink all over yourself when reaching for it in the middle of the night

24 hour menu (even if it's all liquid diet)

Hot belly packs (wet a town under hot water; cover with plastic; place in pillow case; hold against your tummy)

Warm blankets straight from the blaknet heater

Jill's morning mocktail (2/3 cranberry juice; 1/3 orange juice; pour over ice, add a little selter or ginger ale to give it some fizz. I didn'r REALLY miss the vodka.)

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, warm blankets are the best! I want a blanket warmer for my house. :)

    Thinking about vastly multiplying white blood cells!