May 10, 2009

First day home

We had a quiet afternoon (nap time) and watched a movie (Guys & Dolls) after enjoying the chicken soup a friend had brought over. By then I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. I crawled into bed (and I mean literally crawled) and the dogs cuddled up with me, one on my legs and the other against my back.

I slept pretty well, only got up twice to pee and have a snack. The other wake up moments have to do with being on hospital schedule for so long and having gotten used to be awakened for blood draws, vitals check etc.

I plan to show and dress now that I have eaten and then take a nap!

Today's breakfast - scrambled egg, toast with margarine, Jill-made banana/coffee smoothie (which I didn't much care for), sparkling apple juice. I just can't seem to get enough apple juice!

1 comment:

  1. I crave fruit juice after chemo!

    Chicken soup is so nice when you are poorly, and your dogs cuddling you while you nap is theraputic. I bet you are over the moon to be re-united with them x