May 22, 2009

Starting Megace

I took my first dose of Megace at bedtime last night and of course thought I began to experience side effects within minutes. I asked Rik to find the sheet that came from the pharmacy and re-read all the issues, then took half an ativan to relax me. Well, I fell so soundly asleep that I only woke up once to pee! I slept soundly until the alarm just went off.

I have high hopes for the Megace. I take 5 ml in a liquid suspension, pouring it carefully into a tiny measuring cup where I have marked the proper dosage level. I could use a small syringe to pull up the same quantity, but I think the cup will be easier to keep clean.

So I had no worries, a sound night's sleep, and woke to a new morning. If you a praying person, please include for me a prayer that the Megace is effective at fighting my cancer with minimal side effects for a LONG time.


  1. Betty Johanna7:35 AM

    "If you a praying person..."
    Count me in.

  2. my sleeping tabs dont work! aarrgh.

    You have a lovely smile by the way x