May 20, 2009

Post-hospital checkup #2

Today I am scheduled to see the oncologist for my second post-hospital checkup. I have finished all of my antibiotics, still taking potassium and tincture of opium/Imodium for the diarrhea, plus my usual vitamins etc.

I imagine it will be like last time: the receptionist will check me in. I will have my port accessed to draw blood for labs. I'll wait an hour or more for the labs to come back. Then I'll see Dr. G, we'll talk, he'll want to examine me.

Maybe he will send me home with more meds, depending on my blood work. Maybe he will want to start me on the Megace. Or maybe I'll just get another week to increase my strength.

I do feel as though I have 5% improvement every day. Yesterday I felt like I was at 80%, today I feel a little stronger.

More later when I return....

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