May 16, 2009

A nice Friday

Despite having a broken door lock on the front door, yesterday was a very nice day.

We discovered the broken lock on Thursday and realized the only way into the house was through the back door. Now I hadn't tried the back steps from the deck down to the yard yet, but with L's help was able to get up the stairs and back into the house. Called the locksmith and he said they had an appointment Friday 10 AM - 12 noon. Thankfully they had an opening for that next day! And Bulger Lock is just around the corner from us.

D came over the help with lunch and have a visit. She was here while the locksmith was here, so we didn't get to have an outing, but the sun was shining and we sat outside and had a lovely catch up.

The locksmith had to replace some of the inner workings. That cost, plus his time for a service call, plus his time to install the new innards, was more than we were expecting. But now we have a door that opens and locks smoothly. You get what you pay for!

In the afternoon S, a colleague of Rik's, came over for a visit. We talked about home remodeling (they've done a kitchen, we want to do the bathroom). I had a lot of fun showing off our plans and some of the fixtures I have found so far.

Rik met some colleagues after school for a drink for someone's birthday. He had two mojitos at the Wedgwood Broiler, where they specialize in cocktails. (The Broiler also offers a mean prime rib sandwich on Monday lunch after they have served prime rib over the weekend). Rik had a fine end-of-the-work-week!

Friends from synagogue brought us Shabbat dinner: salmon, mashed potatoes, rolls. (I couldn't eat artichokes but we gave them to neighbors. This not being allowed to eat most vegetables thing is kind of fun to give into.)

N came over for ice cream later and Rik and I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. It was light and funny and the perfect way to end a week of recovery.

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  1. Great to hear you are getting on with your life. You made me smile with your veg comment!!!! I havent seen Madagascar 2 yet, I may have to watch it with the kids, I am sure they will love it. Take care Jill xx