May 13, 2009

Better sleep, still up three times at night

I still can't readjust back to normal sleep. With my bedtime snack and meds, I drink a whole glass of juice mixed with water. Then I wake up at 2 AM, 4 AM, and 5 AM needing to pee plus feeling hungry.

My 2 AM snack was chicken salad and applesauce. 4 AM saw me eating Ritz crackers with peanut butter. (I keep hoping the protein will help me get better sleep.) Now it's not quite 5:30 and I HAD to get out of bed, pee again, and eat some breakfast. Rik's alarm still hasn't rung but I simply could not stay in bed one more minute.

My in-between sleep is sound; I just can't seem to stop awakening in the middle of the night. Perhap as I transition off the meds four times a day, things will improve.

There's always a morning nap and second breakfast to look forward to.


  1. Our bodies are in chaos at the moment with chemo so its understandable that sleep will be affected. Just do what your body tells you and relax x

  2. Mmm, low potassium can also lead to irregular heart rate - makes one feel anxious.

    So, when do you want to be brought lunch?!

  3. That pig is adorable. I have a flying pig, a sculpture of a pig in flight. He's got such a joyous look on his porcine face that it tickles me everytime I look at him. 'When pigs fly' denotes the impossible. When the going gets rough, I like to pull him off the shelf and sit him in the middle of the dining room table, to remind myself that the impossible is not impossible.