May 11, 2009

Early school day

I woke completely at 5:25 AM and was so hungry had to get out of bed right away and eat. Thankfully no more 45 minute wait for juice and yogurt! I had corn flakes with Greek Gods honey yogurt and homemade apple sauce - so delicious! Trying to cut back on the apple juice too but it still tastes good to me. I'm diluting with half water now so my teeth don't rot from the sweetness.

Rik helped with my shower, fixed and ate his own brekky, dressed, fed and walked the dogs, and was out the door by 6:45 AM. So this first day's experiment in getting me ready to go while he does the same worked.

Now I will put on the radio and listen to KUOW while I either nap or do the crossword. Ah, such a life of leisure! It's too early to call anyone on the west coast, even to do business. My mom should be home from her daily exercise class soon and she doesn't mind in NJ if I call her at 6 AM Seattle time!

PS Rik planted potatoes, lettuce, chard yesterday. We went to the Fred Meyer to pick up a garden free standing frame to grow sugar snap peas against. I had an outing and it involved shopping! We also picked up a beautiful hanging basket of pink flowers that I can see through the front door window and truly beautifies the front of our house. Pizza for dinner was so yummy, the perfect ending to the day.


  1. Its lovely to hear you sounding so positive, great that you are home and free to do as you wish or can. xx

  2. It tickles me how little things like getting out to do a little shopping, or looking at a hanging basket take on new significance, cause such great joy, after you've been cooped up for awhile.

  3. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Very happy to hear you are back in your nest and enjoying the simple pleasures... kathleen from the list

  4. Hi Jill,
    I found your blog via Josh Isaac's and am so glad. Thank you for sharing your dance, and welcome home.