December 28, 2009

Unexpected test and more

I spent a marathon afternoon at the hospital today. I was supposed to get my monthly infusion of zometa but the nurses were unable to access my port after trying four times (ow).

The infusion nurses paged my oncologist. He ordered an immediate specialized xray of the port through interventional radiology. Luckily they could see me right away.

Interventional radiology said I needed a new port. The doc was able to access it but found a clot beneath the port. They gave me a choice between Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednesday -- then oops! we don't have a slot on Tuesday. So on Wednesday at 6:30 AM I report to the hospital to get a power port.

Assuming all goes smoothly, the procedure will take about an hour under conscious sedation (where you don't remember what they're doing but you can talk to the docs if they need you to). Then I spend an hour in recovery. They will leave my new power port accessed so I can get the zometa I was supposed to have today.

All in all Wednesday is looking like a long day. Oy. Happy new year to me!


  1. I have had this done. I hope it goes well for you!

  2. Oh! I'm glad that caught that clot and are able to respond so soon. Refuach shlema; I'll update Elric when he wakes.

    -- Talya/Tree

  3. Wow. The fun never ends, does it? Your wonderful equanimity is amazing. I have to tell you, the last time that I went to have a PET scan, each time they got a vein, it 'blew'. After four times (and I was being very comforting to them, because I knew they felt badly...), they said, "We may have to access a vein in your foot." For some reason, that pushed me to over load. The idea of them digging around for a vein in my foot... I did not cry, but I felt like it. I felt like throwing myself on the floor and having a big ol' cry baby fit.

  4. You are a courageous woman ! I admire your strength and humor !

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  5. Hi Jill,
    Hope your treatment went well that day. You are one of the better cancer survivors I have come across. Hats off to your courage.
    Keep going.