November 14, 2017

Tomorrow, November 15th would have been Jill's 58th birthday if she had lived just a little longer. 

I know life sure is different now for me without her to direct whenever I hit bumps. I hope I am living the life she would be proud of in her absence. I am sure she has laughed hysterically at some of my missteps and blunders along the way. 

She would say to everyone on special occasions,"may all your joy be pure, and all your pain be champagne!" 

Happy birthday to our Jill who surely blessed my life, and many others, and loved life as much as someone possibly could in the years she had. Life just never turns out the way you planned, and she and I were definitely not planned for, and I feel so blessed to have had her in my life for almost 22 years. 

I was and am a very lucky man!

Rik (Jill's husband)