December 24, 2009

Family portrait

Every couple of years our synagogue organizes a photo shoot. Lifetouch Photo takes pics of everyone who signs up for a sitting. One 8x10 photo is free, but of course they want to sell you more pictures. In our case, we choose one group shot with the dogs and order extra copies to send to the parents. Then the company makes a photo directory with names and contact info so shul members know how to reach one another (and what we look like).

About half the members participated this year. We used to be among the only people bringing a pet, but this year at our sitting alone there were our two dogs and a puppy from another family. I don't know who was more excited -- the puppy or the small kids from the third family.

The photographer had no trouble getting Bob (now known as Bobka) to look at the camera, but Pumpkin must be growing deaf, because in every shot he is looking somewhere else.

Do we look cute or what?!


  1. suzy zipkin7:39 AM

    You DO look cute! Happy New Year. Love, Suzy

  2. donna peach8:51 AM

    Hey Jill, you look more than cute :). You look beautiful. Just dropping by to say hi and happy holidays. I think family is the most important part of this time of year no matter what I'm celebrating, and making more memories with them is just one part of the fun. I'm going to round up my hubby and pooch today so we can have our 2009 portrait. Love and hugs to you, donna peach