December 21, 2009

Taking a break

It's that time of year again when Rik takes a break from teaching. Yes, winter vacation started and competition for the computer has begun! Rik has papers to grade, so he is working hard at the beginning of vacation to finish all his work and then be able to relax.

I realized early on that marrying a school teacher would be like having an early taste of retirement. Every winter for two weeks, every spring for a week (and every mid-winter for a week), as well as from the end of June until September, we are both home all the time. That means potential competition for scarce resources, such as the computer, TV remote and car. On the other hand, it means we walk the dogs together. On the third hand, I cook more meals since we both eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Today's breakfast was poached eggs and leftover latkes. Yum!

I am sure we will both survive the togetherness and be ready for Rik to go back to school in the new year.


  1. I am getting used to my husband being back on shift work and its really strange. It means that most weekends I manage the kids and their activities on my own and for a few days in the week, I have to disrupt my routine and share resources with my husband! Mind you, it is quite nice to be able to be alone with my husband too

  2. Tim and I both lost our jobs. Lots of togetherness these days. It's an uncertain time, but also it is very nice to have time together during the holidays.