December 01, 2009

New mets?

While on the bone scanner bed yesterday, I kept getting tweaks from my right hip. Not pain per se, but annoying twinges that made me realize I might have new mets there.

I have had mets in both hipa before. They responded well to radiation and of course all the meds I have been on. This one feels like it's in a new place, toward the back of my hip (the others felt to be in the front).

My metastatic disease has always been symptomatic. That is, if I feel something, it usually means there is something to feel. When I developed mets in my forearms, I remember lying on the sofa unable to get comfortable. Each time I wriggled around it hurt more. I finally realized that I had new mets and went immediately to the doctor to have them checked out. Sure enough, new mets, needing radiation.

So this pain in my right hip has been bothering me infrequently for weeks. Then it became more noticeable more often. Now I feel it just about every day. Again, it's not precisely painful but annoying enough to take pain killers and call it to someone's attention.

It's a good thing I had the bone scan. I get the results next week and it would not surprise me to learn that there is something growing in that right hip area. That would definitely mean a change in treatment, something Dr. G and I have been discussing for months already.

I guess yesterday's bone scan was right on time.

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  1. I read your description with interest. It's never been described to me before, how mets feel. My hips ache, and my neck.