July 22, 2018

Cross posted to Facebook earlier this week.

So today marks the second anniversary, on the Jewish calendar, of Jill’s death. Everything seems a little earlier since her actual death anniversary is not until August 11. It sure has been a whirlwind of emotions and changes over the last two years. Most times I am pretty good and feel like she would be proud of how I continue to live my life. I do wonder sometimes how different it would be if she were still alive?

I am super pleased that Renee is now in my life as I think Jill would very much approve of her, since she is such a mensch and she loves me! I am truly a lucky man. Jill has even spoken to me once last fall (long before meeting Renee) when I bolted from my sleep to send me a message. It was loud and very clear, so I guess she is still giving me advice when I most need it. Imagine that! LOL!! 

Thanks to my family, friends and colleagues for helping me so much over the last two years. I could not have done it without your love. Picture of the Yahrzeit memorial candle lit last night in her memory.