December 06, 2009

Still blowing my nose

It turns out that staying home or going out seemed to matter not at all -- I am still blowing my nose frequently. I can't seem to shake this cold; maybe I need to give it a week before it goes away. And I have been through tissues! Every coat pocket has a small packet of tissues. When I walk the dogs, I invariably have to add used tissues to the bag of dog poop.

Still, I am trying not to let this cold slow me down too much. I went to my Friday meeting and was productive, cooked a nice Shabbat dinner, went to synagogue on Saturday morning and then to a shiva minyan on Saturday evening.

I think today will be a typical Sunday: we had a hot breakfast of overnight French toast and walked the dogs. I will go grocery shopping since the fridge is empty. We have to bottle the plum hooch (The Pumpkin Plum) and the dishwasher is running even as I type to sterilize the bottles. I may make a pot of soup for lunch. And a nap seems likely.

That's a relaxing day!

1 comment:

  1. I use a dishwasher to steralise too but I also put them in the microwave or the oven to make especially sure!

    Sorry about your cold. I am fighting one off. Its amazing that when I was on chemo for 6 months I didnt catch anything then the second I stop, I seem to have one all the time.

    I bought a tonic today "metatone" its a vitamin pick me up for when you have been ill. Lets see if it helps.