December 23, 2009


Is it backache or is it mets? Only her oncolgist knows for sure.

My back has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. Maybe longer -- I recall telling Dr E, the rad onc, about it. His response was to say that even people with cancer get lower back pain.

Mine might be complicated by the fact that by turning 50, I have officially hit middle age; there is almost no estrogen running through my body (because my cancer feeds on estrogen); and I'm not as flexible as I was when I was dancing 10 hours a week.

So I try to stretch in the shower while under the hot water. I take pain meds as needed for when it really bugs me. And I plan to mention this to Dr G when I see him tomorrow.


  1. Do you take calcium supplements?

  2. My naturopath prescribes calcium and magnesium supplements for bone health. But I don't think they do much for backache!