July 06, 2009


I woke up today feeling just fine. Took a shower, stripped the linens off the bed in preparation for our move to the next place, got out clean clothes, closed the window against the draft of cold air (we are back to usual Seattle weather now) and IMMEDIATELY felt that the room was spinning, for no apparent reason.

I've had vertigo once before, after my first treatment of zometa, and it made me seriously dizzy for about an hour. This seemed to be worse. I could barely stand, staggered down the hall to get Rik, and sat upright in a kitchen chair in the hope that eating a piece of dry bread would help settle me. No dice. Even a cute one egg omelet made by K didn't help, but did taste good.

I staggered back down the hall to the sofa, cuddled up under the comforter and dozed for several hours. Finally around noon-thirty I woke up, felt hungry, and decided the vertigo was gone enough to dress and make something to eat (macaroni and cheese, my favorite comfort food).

It was a most disconcerting morning. I hope the vertigo is gone for good!


  1. I have never had verigo but I can only imagine what an awful thing it is. I pray that it doesnt return. I was in church this morning and they are selling handmade crosses for Bethlehem. My sons bought me one each on an outing with their Nana and they are so precious to me.

  2. I had vertigo, badly, as a side effect of Ambien. It is the worst and scariest thing. I'd no idea what was happening. I felt as if I were being 'sucked' down the stairwell.

  3. You're a brave and strong woman. I wish you a miracle!