July 08, 2009

Bathroom update

The framing of the bathroom is moving along swimmingly. The wall and frame for the washer/dryer is up; the shower has three niches for soap, shampoo etc. (two by the rainfall shower head; one behind where the bench will go); and there is enough space for a recessed medicine cabinet.

Today Rik and I spent a ton of money at Home Depot. We found a metal medicine cabinet box with oval mirror (something I was afraid we would have to spend too much money on), towel rings for hand towels, and a robe hook. We ordered a heated towel rack from Amazon.com. The tiles arrive on Friday and the rest of the plumbing fixtures might be ready to pick up as early as tomorrow. This is particularly auspicious timing as the tiler starts work next Monday.

We are only $1500 over budget at this point. Maybe some of the other costs will actually come in under budget....

PS No more vertigo!


  1. Yay about the bathroom! Yay about the vertigo!

  2. Yay heated towel rack! :)