July 30, 2009

Seattle heat

It's been hotter in Seattle than at any time in the measurable past. Yesterday it hit 104 degrees at Seatac airport, and was even hotter in Bellevue and Redmond. Being closer to the Puget Sound evidently meant losing a degree or two.

I had lunch with a friend and so got into an air-conditioned restaurant for an hour, but Rik stayed home with the dogs all day long. He bathed them twice in cool water, gave them ice chips to suck and chew on, and tried to keep them as comfortable as possible. We are worried about 14 year old Pumpkin in this heat, but so far he is eating the ice and does stop panting at times.

I tried to take an afternoon nap just to escape the heat mentally and was somewhat successful. A second shower was a better idea. The workers on our bathroom remodel were really sweltering. The tiler had to work outside to cut the three hundred-plus pound slab of Jerusalem stone that will become the countertop. Even in the house, with all windows and drapes closed, it was sill more than ninety degrees.

And it's not much better where we are staying. So we are trying to cope, drinking lots of water, making lots of ice cubes, and thinking cool thoughts.

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