July 22, 2009

MRI today

I had my brain MRI today. Half of a one mg ativan tablet relaxed me enough to get into the tube. My eye mask helps a lot to keep me from freaking out at being inside the narrow MR tube. But the ear plugs didn't really do anything. The clanging and ringing and random LOUD sounds are so unpleasant. My ears rang for several minutes after I was finished.

I had forgotten to ask if this test was going to be performed with injectable dye, called contrast. But the technician read that I have a port-a-cath and asked if I wanted them to use it. I always say yes to this request, because I hate being stuck with a needle. So off I trooped to the infusion room, where a nurse accessed my port quickly and easily. Then back to the MRI room, had the scan, and back again to the infusion center to be de-accessed from the port. The whole process took about an hour. I get the results on Monday.

The ativan made me drowsy, so after returning to our host family's home and eating some lunch, I took a two hour nap. It was wonderful! I don't think I moved the entire time I was ensconced on the sofa. Hopefully I will still be able to sleep tonight after such a massive nap this afternoon.

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