July 31, 2009

A little cooler

Yesterday was almost as bad as the day before -- not quite 100 degrees -- but it finally cooled off during the night. I actually had to ask Rik to get the blanket at about 3 AM when the sheet was no longer enough.

We had a minor fracas with the fridge where we are house sitting. It stopped cooling properly on the hottest day (Wednesday) and we were panicked about our hosts' full freezer. They didn't want us to call a repairman. Last night we ran into another neighbor, who is a contractor, and he helped us move the fridge further away from the wall, clean up all the papers and junk that had fallen behind it, vacuum the dust from the grill in the back and presto! The fridge started to cool again.

We weren't sure how long it would take to bring the temperatures back to normal, so we left the milk and other perishables in the freezer section with ice packs. Sure enough, frozen milk this morning. But it will thaw and no milk for our coffee is a small inconvenience in exchange for a working appliance!

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  1. dear jill, as a fellow traveler with stage 4 breast to bones, i've been reading your posts for a few months - always wishing you well on your journey....last night you were in my dream and you invited me to visit you and your temple. i thought that was a good enough reason to introduce myself today. my name is wave, i also blog at wavesworld.typepad.com...and i'm happy to meet you.