July 15, 2009

Newer news from oncologist

Dr G, Seattle's best oncologist, was concerned enough about my spells of vertigo that he has ordered a brain MRI for next week. I've never had a brain scan before (I don't think. Neither of us could remember.). I passed his quick neurological tests - follow the finger with my eye, touch my finger to his, then to my nose -- so this is more on the order of ruling out any brain mets.

My tumor marker has jumped from the previous month, so it's possible that the reduction in tumor size I reported earlier today was due more to the 5FU than to the Megace. But that's something we can't know until we scan that site again in a few months.

The brain MRI is mid-week next week and I see Dr G to get the results at the beginning of the following week. I will report the news when I get it.

Dancing with cancer should perhaps be subtitled living with uncertainty.

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  1. Did he have you rub your head and pat your belly at the same time? lol. I will be lifting prayers for you for next week. Blessings.