June 06, 2008

A birthday tribute

Today would have been my friend E's 31st birthday. One year ago we were celebrating her 30th with lots of friends and family at her home. She so wanted to live to celebrate her 30th birthday and was so thankful for being able to do so. A few short weeks later she had died.

I've lost several friends to breast cancer, all of them young women. I've lost friends to other cancers as well. The longer I live in CancerLand, the more people I meet who have been diagnosed. I get to know more people who have really bad cancer. Often they are already in end-stage disease when we meet, because that's when they seek help from a support group.

E, today, on what would have been your birthday, I want to tell you that your family and friends love you and think of you.

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  1. Today (June 6) is mine and Pam's oldest child's (daughter) birthday - she is 19 :)
    Pam loved her children while with them and I know that love continues to flow! She homeschooled them from 1996 thru 2005 Christmas break.
    What a wonderful gift to these kids.
    We had a great time celebrating last night!

    Shout out to honor those who have gone before us. Jacob said something when he encountered God before meeting his brother "my company has gone before"