June 28, 2008

Birthday memory

Today would have been my father's 81st birthday. When I saw him on June 12, he said "Only 16 days," meaning, until his birthday. I think he tried hard to hold on for that milestone. His will was strong but his body had reached the end of it's strength.

So today I will toast my dad with an egg cream, a cold drink he made for us when we were children and lived in New York.

Dad's Egg Cream

Into a tall, straight-sided glass, spoon 1/2 inch of Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup. (Must be Fox's, any other brand is a substitute for the real thing.)

Add 1 inch whole milk.

Tilt the glass and pour seltzer over the back of a spoon so that it fizzes. Stir well to make a big chocolate "head."

Enjoy. L'chaim, Dad!

1 comment:

  1. Wow so yummy! Celebrate!
    I'm going to have to dig up some Fox's...