January 18, 2009

Welcome to "Bob"

We left this morning at 8:50 to drive to eastern Washington and were home by 3:50 with Truwain's Bobwhite, AKA "Bob" the (blenheim=brown and white) Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Both Bob and Pumpkin traveled well together, sleeping and relaxing in the back seat, each in their own dog bed.

While at the breeder's, we met Bob's mother, sisters, uncle, son and various other spaniel relatives. Here are 2 quick pics -- Bob in our yard and with his family. (Bob is the big dog on the far left. He easily outweighs his sibs at about 20 pounds. But this is apparently a healthy weight for him. For comparison, Pumpkin weighs 27 pounds.) It was so much fun playing with all those Cavaliers!

We hope Bob and Pumpkin will soon become the best of friends.

PS Eighteen is our lucky number. I proposed to Rik 18 days after we met, we got married on March 18th, and all our addresses have added up to 18. In Hebrew, every letter has a corresponding numeric value, and the word chai (life) equals 18. So the 18th of January is an excellent day to welcome Bob to our family!


  1. Ah, new dog! I'm excited to meet Bob the next time we're over.

  2. nice doggy! and thats cool about the 18th!

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    What a photo of the pooch family! That's great. I'll be looking forward to meeting Bob soon (even if he's not your uncle) and seeing how Mr. P and he are getting along. I hope you'll all be the best of buddies!

  4. that is so cool - dogs, photos, numbers and the word chai...
    so is that where the tea gets its name? Chai Tea ... is Life Tea?

    It is a neat coincidence if not.

    Do you know?

  5. Chai (as in l'chaim) and chai tea are not really related. We pronounce l'chaim with the guttural "ch" sound as in German ach or Scottish loch. I have always ordered chai tea pronounced as in chair.