January 30, 2009

Stimulating the economy

I don't think I quite realized how much economic impact we would make by bringing a second dog into our home. Just in the past two weeks, we have purchased:

Bob himself (the breeder charged a very reasonable fee)
Gas to and from Selah, plus lunch on the road
Collar and leash (in red, natch!)
Name tag
First trip to the vet to check his weight (22.5 pounds) and get a health baseline
The larger, 15 pound bag of dog food
Chew toy (small Kong)
Dental treats
Dog bed
Pet registration with the city of Seattle

I know that by now we've spent more than $500. But Bob is worth every penny! And after all, we are stimulating the economy....

1 comment:

  1. Jill--you're getting a second dog? Tell all, please.

    I've been out of touch and now I'm going out of town, but send me an e-mail about the new dog, and I'll be in touch when I return.