January 15, 2009

Good news for now

I saw both the breast surgeon and oncologist today. Although the biopsy pathology confirmed that the two spots in my right breast breast are malignant, the docs recommend staying with the same course of treatment for the time being -- no surgery, keep with the Arimidex. Both spots are just as estrogen receptor positive as all my other cancers have been.

In addition, Dr. Goldberg, Seattle's best oncologist, checked my CA 27.29 tumor marker from last week's blood draw and it had dropped from 67 to 17 (normal is about 30). So either stopping the Tamoxifen had an impact, or the Arimidex is working, or both.

I will post more tomorrow. In the meantime, this is good news.


  1. so good to hear good news,
    live well!

  2. ye haw! (I've been lurking for a while, just had to comment on that news!!)

  3. Another lurker here...that marker drop is awesome! Hope that continues to stay low!