January 12, 2009

After the biopsy

I had a different radiologist do the biopsy today and although I believed him when he said he does many, many breast biopsies every week, my experience was not so great. They give you lidocaine as a local anesthetic. In December, whether because a different radiologist treated me (who has cared for me before), the tumor being in a different location, or some other factor, I had no pain and everything went smoothly.

During today's procedure, with the first tumor located in the 10:00 position and almost to my armpit, the radiologist didn't give me enough lidocaine. When he punched out the tumor sample, it REALLY hurt! (Not as much as if I hadn't had any lidocaine, but still much more than I was expecting.) The radiologist listened to my complaint and added more lidocaine before taking the second sample, but same thing -- way too much pain. It was a good thing I had taken 1.0 mg of Ativan before the procedure, because although I yelped, I didn't actually move. He apologized profusely for hurting me.

When the radiologist did the second biopsy, he was sure to place some lidocaine just under the skin as well as all the way inside. That biopsy went smoothly, just like the one in December.

I left wearing a small bandage over each site and pressing an ice bag to my chest to reduce swelling and bruising. Rik and I were both hungry, so we went to the B&O Espresso for a yummy lunch of egg florentine (half-portion) for me -- I love that hollandaise sauce, must learn how to make it -- and a gyro sandwich for Rik. And since the pastry case was filled with gorgeous baked goos, we splurged on dessert. I had a divine eclair that tasted just the way I remember from childhood. Rik had apple-current pie and Turkish coffee. Then we went home and I crashed for hours. A whole milligram of Ativan will do that to you....

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