January 05, 2009

MRI today

Today is the day I rescheduled the breast MRI which Iwas supposed to have in December, except we had snow. Well, three inches of snow fell again last night, but the weather warmed up overnight and the snow is melting into slush, so I will go for the MRI today. It does seem to snow on the days I have scheduled scans...

I've never had a breast MRI. It's done with an injection of a contrast dye, and they can't use my port since I have to lie face down and that would put too much pressure on the port. So I will also have an IV started in my elbow, but I'll tell them to use the small butterfly needle and it should be pretty painless.

I don't care for the narrow confines of an MRI tube, so I plan to take some Valium or Ativan and not care. Rik will drive me home.

The point of this test is to measure a baseline for the new tumor in my left breast. Then, after I've been on the Arimidex for a few months, I'll have another MRI and we'll be able to tell by the tumor's size (smaller or larger) whether or not the Arimidex is working.

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