January 28, 2009

25 random things about me

I read about this on Facebook and thought it would be fun to share. It was tough but fun to write!

1. I can sing in 10 languages (English, Hebrew, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, Greek, Albanian, French).

2. I don’t necessarily know what I’m saying in all these languages.

3. My left hand and foot are both larger than the right.

4. Although we left New York when I was eight, and even after a lifetime of adaptation, when I go east my accent comes back. Cup of “cawfee,” throw the “bawl”…

5. I prefer savory to sweet, except chocolate. Got to have my daily dose of vitamin CH, the darker the better.

6. By August 2003 I had outlived my life expectancy with metastatic breast cancer. Every day is an unexpected opportunity. Some days I feel this more strongly than others.

7. My husband has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

8. In high school we had to take three years of Latin. I was able to translate my cousin’s medical school diploma.

9. My favorite author is Robert Heinlein. When I heard on the radio that he had died, I pulled the car to the side of the road to weep.

10. There are more than 20 sites of bones metastases in my body.

11. I love to shop, not necessarily to buy.

12. But I do love a bargain!

13. Pulling weeds can be therapeutic.

14. I have a life-long fear of vampires. And Mr. Clean.

15. In November 1963 I had just turned four years old, and remember watching JFK’s funeral on TV.

16. My personal philosophy is Dum vivimus, vivamus – while we live, let us LIVE! I learned this from reading science fiction, specifically Robert Heinlein’s “Glory Road.”

17. I am a life-long Zionist and have been to Israel six times (1977, 1982, 1984, 1987, 2001 and 2003).

18. My favorite household tasks are polishing the silver and ironing.

19. Pumpkin is the shmoo and Bob is the shmoo two.

20. I ate a fresh, ripe tomato every day this summer and never got tired of the taste.

21. I can bake challah and get Shabbat dinner on the table in about two hours.

22. The only time I curse seems to be when I am backstage trying to change costumes in a hurry, and then I give myself full rein.

23. I read too much.

24. I recently lost seven pounds and have kept successfully them off. If you think this is easy while on weight-gain-inducing drugs….

25. I feel happiest when dancing.

1 comment:

  1. especially no 25, and you certainly have licensed privilege for no 22 at other times,
    you should talk more of your travels to Israel, maybe some pics?

    I enjoyed this Jill, thanks for sharing.