January 06, 2009

Biopsy date

Looks like I will have the ultrasound and biopsy on Monday, January 12 and see the surgeon and oncologist for the results on Thursday, January 15. I don't expect to have more news to post on this topic until then.


  1. I have a few close reatives with cancer who are teaching me a lot about myself. One relative had a lung removed and still has positive nodes on her remaining lung. She will begin chemo soon. Another member of my family has more widesread cancer. She is also undergoing a variety of treatments. I support them with love, encouragement and my time. Each person is on his or her own healing journey. We can always find something good about where we are and what we are living now. Readers of your blog may be interested in:



  2. since there's not much i can do other than a hug and vitamin ch, can i bring you some. hugs and vitamin ch that is?

  3. oh...my old blog name. ok, tall latte = elizabeth davis

  4. Sending you love and holding you in our hearts,
    ~Anna and Adam