January 02, 2009

A (belated) New Year's greeting

(I either overindulged in champagne on New Year's Eve, or came down with a 24-hour stomach bug. Either way, I felt queasy all day yesterday, so am just now getting to the computer.)

I'm hopeful that in 2009 my new treatment option, Arimidex, will kick some serious cancer butt (as my mets-sisters say).

I'm thankful that in 2009 I don't appear to be facing a mastectomy.

I'm cautiously optimistic that as 2009 begins, my lymphedema appears to be getting back under control again.

Most of all I am still riding the cancer merry-go-round: sometimes sitting on the bench, sometimes riding the ponies up and down, but never getting off. That's my dance with cancer.

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