January 02, 2009

Florida part 2

The main part of our Florida trip was with Rik's parents at their winter home in a small town in central Florida. It's a tiny, sleepy kind of place. The biggest recent news locally seems to be the opening of the town's second motel. When we visit, we kick back, play games, read books and generally relax.

We celebrated 'tiB's 77th birthday at a party with some of their friends. Rik, Mum and I played a couple of rounds of Scrabble together. We picked oranges from the trees in their yard and drank freshly squeezed juice. The weather was sunny and hot the whole time we were there, and sitting on the lanai with a book was perfectly delightful.

When we arrived, and again just before we left, we were surprised by the presence of two red-crested herons from the nearby lake.

They travel freely through the town, always in pairs. One watches and guards while the other one grazes. They were a marvelous beginning and conclusion to our trip.

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  1. what a lovely time, and a great shot of the herons!
    sounds like a fabulous getaway.