November 13, 2012

Veterans Day

I maybe one day late, but still wanted to post about my dad the veteran.

Parents and proud soldier
Sheldon Charles Cohen, z"l, (may his memory be for a blessing) began his service in WWII at 17. He lied about his age to enter the Army Corps of Engineers, and spent the war driving trucks all over Europe. It was his grand youthful adventure. He never saw action or fire, and returned home safely to marry my mother and run the family seltzer business (hence all that truck driving). 

If I had a US flag, Dad, I'd be flying it in your honor and memory. You served your country proudly.

And my sister reminds me, "He also peeled a lot of potatoes!"

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  1. My dad also fought in World War 11. Was in Italy and Egypt and when he died at the ripe old age of 90 a few months ago, we found photos of him in uniform. We feel proud of him. He was in the infantry and interrupted his medical studies to go to war.