November 02, 2012

Eribulin cycle 2

Even though I only had one dose of eribulin on cycle one, I am calling this cycle two.

My counts on Wednesday were all normal, so I received the lowered dose of eribulin. The first dose had been 1.5 mg/m2; this was 1.1 mg/m2. If needed, there is even a lower dose available.

I'm on day two post-chemo, and the steroids are keeping me well. I've had plenty of energy to run errands, spend part of the day with a friend, cook dinner, etc. We did ask for and received an invitation for Shabbat dinner tonight. (Actually two invites, thanks P and R, but first come, first served or in this case, first guested.)

My eyebrows feel a little itchy but I'm trying hard not to scratch and to apply more Vaseline instead. They still look great and I am very happy I did the cosmetic tattooing.

I'm about to lie down for a nap or at least a cuddle with the dog before Rik comes home.

PS I reinvented my favorite hot drink from the old Gravity Bar on Seattle's Capitol Hill -- the Hot Gregory. Part ginger tea, part apple cider (thanks R and D!) diluted with 50% little hot water. So delicious on a cool day!

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