November 27, 2012

Avastin today and years since diagnosis

My dose of Avastin today went very smoothly. Dr G heard me shmoozing with my friend J and said through the drawn curtain, "Is that Jill?" He came over for a short visit and we caught up over how well I feel, despite my increasing hair loss (as he says, "Well, that's not surprising") and painful neuropathy in my feet.

I asked him again about his other patient, the one who's lived with breast cancer for 24 years. This time I was sure to ask if this time period was since her initial diagnosis or her metastatic diagnosis. Well, the 24 years is since her first diagnosis. It made me feel even more confident in having chosen Dr G as my oncologist 14 years ago.

I don't know anything about this woman, not her age at first diagnosis nor anything about her condition now. I was 39 at first diagnosis and I'm now 53. I look forward to turning 54, 55 and older under Dr G's care. If this other woman can live 24 years with breast cancer, then I can do the same and longer. As we Jews say about birthdays, until 120 years.

And as I a;ways say, I should live so long.


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