September 02, 2015

Happy 13th metsiversary to me!

We were so ridiculously busy on my 13th mets anniversary that I didn't get to blog about it all yet.

I decided to hold a big party, and invited 87 people to attend. I didn't even realize I was that friendly with so many people! About 35 folks showed up, which is a great amount for our backyard to hold.

I strung some lights we normally only use in the sukkah, and put them along the deck railing the way my niece Dana did at my 5th metsiversary. Rik moved the heavy table and chairs off the deck and onto the grass. S and her daughter L pulled out all our folding chairs and gave them a wash and some, a scrub (which they desperately needed). They also pulled all the tomato plants off the plastic table and gave that a wash too. Such excellent helpers!

Rik arranged everything into an arc, put chairs around the tables. Someone moved the Radost bench out of its housing in our garage and put more chairs facing it. I found tablecloths and put out tea lights in holders. Sadly, it was cool and windy that evening and the candles blew out right away. Next time I'll listen to S and ask to borrow the battery-powered ones from Radost.

D brought her longer folding table and many friends squeezed the incredible amount of chocolate desserts which people brought for potluck. Thanks especially to G and D for bringing an enormous
cheese platter which all enjoyed. Yes J, I still have your delicious cheese which those foodies would have devoured in seconds.

There was also ice cream (even some Graeter's, my hometown favorite from Cincinnati, now in QFC stores here); wine; lemonade (in case it got hot - feh); fruit; you name it. Mostly chocolate thought. My friends know me well. And I sent food home with as many people as would take (don't worry R: I saved your cake for me!)

The dogs were wild. At least Bob had the sense to lie down in his crate after he barked at everyone. Boychik tried to eat all the chocolate and was a huge annoyance, but it was better to pat him away from the table than listen to him whine from somewhere in the house. I think.

A true highlight came when D and C said a few words of Torah. I had never thought to bring this part of Judaism to my celebrations before, but given that this was my cancer "bat mitzvah," it seemed appropriate. I had asked them to speak that night, and I've asked them if I may share their words on my blog. Update soon.

I said my thanks to all, to Dr G, and to the universe for giving me so many loving friends and family  and years to spend with them. I go t a little ferklemt (that means teary-eyed) and then I blew my annual Bronx cheer to cancer. Also known as a "raspberry," I had to teach some folks who weren't native New Yorkers. You can imagine the sound we made.

To top things off, we made a toast and G and W, who recently were in a production of Fiddler on the Roof, led us all in the famous song from that show "To Life! To Life! L'chaim!"

I try hard to only blow a Bronx cheer on August 20th. The rest of the year I say to my cancer, you can live with me but you have to behave. It hasn't been very "have" lately (more on that soon), but we're giving it the big meds to quiet things down. So far, so good.

Back to the party: D brought her tambura and K his violin and gave an impromptu concert. When D started to play Evo bank Cigane moj, I thought to myself "I know that song!" Of course I did - D let me sing it in a concert a few years ago, the Passover when I dislocated my left elbow. I just had to sing with them. Thankfully D had brought the words.

So there was music, dancing, and eating, hugging and kissing and laughter. In short, it was a fantastic way to celebrate 13 years of living with mets.

L'chaim to all of us -- until 120 years עד מאה ועשרים שנה‎; in Yiddish "Biz Hundret un Tsvantsig"


  1. Congratulations and I wish you many more years!

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I love how you brought the Jewishness into your celebration! Wishing you many more anniversary's. continues refuah shlemah.

  3. Wishing you another 13...and another...and another...

  4. Congratulations, Jill! I'm blowing a raspberry right now!