April 01, 2010

ouch my elbow!

it would have been a wonderful start to pesach if, after the first seder, i hadn't slipped on a steep, wet driveway and fallen on my left elbow. i was convinced my arm had broken; it hurt almost as much as the left femur did seven+ years ago. our hosts called 911 immediately. c brought out a blanket and pillow for me (it was wet on the street and really cold outside). everyone else freaked out.

the fire truck arrived first and they rolled me onto a back board. then the ambulance came and after some discussion, the emt's decided not to try to put an inflatable splint on my arm for fear it would cause me too much pain. (a good call.) they took me to swedish hospital's er on first hill where the wonderful medical team cut my purse, coat, dress, t-shirt and bra away so they could access my port, get a better look at the elbow and see if i had any other injuries.

after accessing my port they gave me very strong pain meds. the er team tried twice to "reduce" or relocate my elbow but it kept slipping out again. at about 3 am they reached an orthopedist specializing in hands and he came in, was successfully able to reduce the joint. multiple xrays confirmed that there was no fracture.

my left arm is splinted from the knuckles to the shoulder to immobilize my elbow and the arm is in a sling to support the weight. since they'd had to cut off all my clothing, the hospital sent me home in a gown and sweat pants. we finally got home around 5 am.

since tuesday my pain has steadily decreased. with rik's help i've been able to shower, put on clean clothes, get around the house. he is doing everything -- feeding me three meals every day, doing all the household stuff, feeding and walking the dogs, you name it. thankfully he was home this week on spring break.

i see the orthopod again friday morning and will learn more then about whether or not i need surgery. in the meantime our friends have stepped up to help and the synagogue's mitzvah corps is on alert.

my lymphedema is out of control. (i had to fall on my left arm.) the physical therapist called from her vacation to suggest some tips on reducing the swelling in my hand and fingers from the splint.

sorry for typing all in lower case but it is really hard to shift with one hand to get a capital letter. i will post more as i am able but it looks like i am facing 6-8 weeks in a cast. more tomorrow after we see the doc.

at least i get to dream about all the shopping i will do to replace the raincoat, dress and bra...


  1. Oh, Jill! I am so sorry to hear your bad news. You were looking so forward to your celebration.

  2. I'm so sorry about your tumble! I hope you still get to have your celebrations, even if your activity is scaled down!

  3. awww! thinking of Jill!

  4. You have the most unusual talent of being able to make people smile when the natural reaction would be all worry and concern. You are a brilliant writer and I am honored to be part of "the adventures" of your life.