July 06, 2014

Resting up or recovering?

Ever since Rik came home I have spent a lot of the last week sleeping or napping.  I think I am making up for lost sleep (dogs waking me every morning at 5 am) while Rik was away. Or it could be regular Xeloda/Methotrexate fatigue. I am looking forward to having the rest of the month off of chemo!

My tongue is much better but lately my BRONJ spot has been bugging me. I am going to try to see my dentist this week. I've had multiple infections in this spot in my mouth and I don't want to go to Bulgaria already sick with something.

Speaking of, I feel almost ready to depart. Still some medical stuff to take care of (unbelievable! I've been doing this for weeks now but I keep forgetting things.). Money issues all squared away, packing list started, borrowing a mid-size suitcase from a friend, etc. Just have to learn the last two songs…..

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