July 23, 2014


We arrived in Bansko after stopping at an outdoor market with homemade honey, jams, beans (don't ask me why) and some gorgeous mushrooms. Jody and I rested and then both went to the workshop featuring a 14year old baritone with an amazing voice. 

We learned two songs and then went to dinner when I finally was able to order lamb. And fries. Not as good as the chips a few days ago. 

I walked back to the hotel and missed the music but had another lovely adventure. I got lost eating my daily ice cream and asked three older women where our hotel was located. They offered to walk me there (all this in Bulgarian and pantomime). 

One lady spoke about the same amount of French as I do: call it high school francais. Victoria was born here in Bansko. We chatted with great effort of memory on both parts. She asked how old I am (54) which she did not believe.  "You must be 25! No? But your face shines like light!"  Such a lovely compliment. 

When we caught up to the other ladies, we all introduced ourselves and Victoria explained about the crazy American singers from Seattle. I had to dig out my music to share with them and sampled Kaeramfilchetu and Izgryala e Mesechinka, which Yordana knew and sang with me. We were all very happy, me for finding them and them I think for befriending me. No doubt they will done out on this story as much as I. 

Selfie of Victoria, Yordana, Maria and me

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