July 15, 2014

Leaving for Bulgaria

Just wanted to send a quick message that Dunava is leaving for Bulgaria on Monday morning! We hope for a safe trip, lots of great music, and an even more authentic Bulgarian sound.

I will do my best to blog from this account and you can also follow Dunava's adventures at Dunablog.

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  1. Kathe Davis11:10 AM

    Jill, I am breathless with admiration for you and your spirit. My situation is similar, except that my mets are only in my bones.
    Are you a believer in books? I'd love to see you include a book list. I've recently gotten two about "spontaneous" emission. It's more common than the medical profession would have you believe.
    Finally, do you drink green tea? It's supposed to render the blood almost unable to support cancer cells -- so would help curb the further spread of mets.
    Blessings on you --