July 18, 2011

Quick check in

Today's chemo (Abraxane/Avastin #6) went well, but took far too long. Much as I love Dr G, he wrote today's orders for the wrong date and it took several hours for him to rectify the situation. Meanwhile we waited. And waited. We arrived on time at 11 AM; got the okay to go to the lab at 11:45; were called in for treatment at 12:45 PM and finished everything at 3:45. An brown sugar-buttermilk ice cream with hot fudge sauce at Mollie Moon's afterwards helped relieve some of my frustration. (I allow myself to eat anything I want to on chemo days.)

The highlight has to be a chance encounter with another member of Walnut Hills High School's class of 1977. K and I didn't run in the same circles then, but she recognized me sitting in the waiting room and we had a short chance to catch up. Rik gave her a card and I hope she will be in touch. From what I could gather quickly, she has a breast cancer story to tell also.

Today's haul

The sun is shining in the late afternoon and I wanted some vitamin D straight from the source, so I picked five and a half pints of raspberries. We shared some with neighbors but most will go straight into the freezer. It's been a bumper year for raspberries so far, but Rik has found only a small bowl of strawberries every day or two. There appear to be many chesterberries on the canes and the blueberries are ripening nicely, even with the cool temperatures we've been experiencing lately. I have hopes for at least one tomato that has already fruited, but can say no more about the others. Many flowers, no other fruit yet. It's just not sunny enough this summer.

I feel bad for those of you sweltering on the rest of the continent, but we actually had the heat on last night, it was so cold here.

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