July 25, 2011

Abraxane #7

I forgot that the Abraxane/Avastin combo is given with both drug sin week one, then Abraxane only in week two, and nothing in week three. Today's chemo went smoothly otherwise, even if I am still not prepared for how long everything takes. First we wait for the lab to have a nurse ready for me, then we wait to be called back into the chemo area, then we wait for the lab to process my blood samples, then we wait for Dr G to approve my counts from the lab, then we wait for the pharmacy to make up my drug. We arrived at the Cancer Institute at 9 AM and were finished at 12:15 PM. That's actually a half hour shorter than when I get the Avastin.

Then we were off to Cafe Presse for lunch. Presse is definitely my favorite restaurant on Capitol Hill. Nothing ever disappoints. Sometime we will have to pre-order the roast chicken (it takes one hour). Rik had the new falafel plate: four crunchy falafel balls on a salad of melons and olives, with in honey-yogurt dressing. I guess this is French food by immigration, since there are so many North African's who have moved to France in recent decades. Plus in the very pork-centric menu, there aren't too many vegetarian options. I had the sandwich en baguette with chicken liver pate and the city's best green salad (butter lettuce with hazelnuts and vinaigrette). Plus we shared an order of extra-crunchy, Belgian style frites. I had no room for the hot chocolat chaud, which believe me I would have enjoyed on this cold, rainy day.

Home for a nap, from which I have just awoken. I am not sure I have room for dinner and may have overeaten at lunch. I am sure some seltzer will take care of that.

All is all, this chemo regimen seems to be pretty manageable. Eyelashes are still hanging in there; we'll see what this week brings. I go back for an injection of Neulasta tomorrow morning to bring my white blood cell counts up.

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