December 19, 2008

A touch of edema

I went to bed Wednesday night with some edema in my left hand, woke up Thursday morning and it was still there. Since we'd had snow overnight and schools were closed, meaning Rik would be home all day, I seized the moment and wrapped my arm. Bandaging is always my first step in dealing with a lymphedema flare up.

I woke up today with about the same amount of edema in my hand, so clearly I didn't do such a good job of bandaging. I'm wearing a sleeve and glove today so that I can do things (like type), but I plan to bandage again tonight.

Schools are closed again today due to snow. We went for a walk with the dog -- Pumpkin loves going out in the snow! Rik heard a story on the radio about why dogs enjoy snow so much. Something to do with the texture....

After dog walking, we took the car out to the nearby grocery store. Our elderly neighbors needed some things and had asked for a ride. Originally we were going to walk, but after going around the block with Pumpkin we thought it would actually be safer driving than walking home with bags of groceries. We took advantage of the closest store and also picked up my new meds from the drugstore in the same block.

More on Arimidex as I start taking it!

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