December 29, 2008

A little less edema

Evidently the full time bandaging has helped. I seem to have a smidge less edema in my hand. Today I am wearing the sleeve and glove for a few hours so that I can have the use of my hand. Maybe the fluid has begun to move up my arm, because my sleeve feels tight around the elbow. I will bandage again later this afternoon.

Last night I couldn't figure out why I had trouble falling asleep despite having taken pain meds and ativan (lorazepam). In my fogged mind I realized that two of my fingers were numb at the tips poking out of the bandaging. Either I had wrapped too tightly or something was pinching a nerve. At 3 AM I finally realized what was going on and tore off the bandaging as fast as possible. Then with the feeling restored in my fingertips I was able to sleep soundly and when I awoke my hand was not swollen.

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